About Us

Welcome to SIRS Tech

We’re a multi-disciplinary IT & Marketing agency that specialises in offering distinctive, conversion-oriented solutions for your company.

Who We Are

We’re a budding IT and marketing firm in New Delhi, India. Our team is made up of diligent and experienced professionals who live and breathe digital. To provide a rich experience for our clients, we mix our years of experience in developing solutions with creative output. We think, we research, we develop, and we strive to provide the finest answers to our clients’ problems.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in achieving notable, long-term, and significant improvements in their performance, as well as to establish a great firm that recruits, develops, excites, and keeps extraordinary people.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We delve deep into your brand’s requirement to identify the precise demand or the problem area.



We start by defining your project’s essential requirements. The strategy is established and specific deliverables are agreed upon.



We move on to identifying an appropriate solution after assessing the goals, specifications, and requirements. We use a clean, professional approach to emphasise usability, searchability, and simplicity.



The finalised design files are handed off to the development team for implementation, with your expectations and goals in mind.



A knowledgeable and dedicated team implements the customised strategy.



We offer you the keys only once we are confident that you are satisfied with the new solution. We work with you until we ensure that you and your team are entirely comfortable and happy with the solution.

Why Choose Us?

We understand how crucial it is for you to get the proper solution and support. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should choose SIRS Tech to give you the solution you need!

Clients are always at the centre of any business. Our vision extends beyond our immediate customers. We always start with your ideas and consider the perspectives of your end customers, their pain spots, and design a solution that addresses crucial concerns to aid your organisation.

Hearing what isn’t being stated is part of the communication. We appear to communicate excessively at times. While it may appear daunting at first, it ultimately benefits our clients and our firm. We can fix real-world problems just through communication. This allows us for high performance, transparency, and accuracy across all the time zones.

Not simply features, but digitally adaptive solutions are what we do. These are real-world issues, and the solutions are far-fetched. And we ensure that they are delivered regardless of any obstacles in development or progress. Everything is in your hands. In the long run, our objective is to help your business prosper.

Our team is comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds. As a result, you can expect a higher degree of ownership, commitments, and deliveries in less time with higher quality while adhering to all development best practices. As a result, we can provide our consumers the finest value. Quality is always prized over quantity, and “Value” is what is appreciated.

We do not simply follow the criteria or regulations. We have direct control over the project from the outset. We listen to our clients, we also understand the role of their clients and other stakeholders who have an impact on the project. We value your project and the inputs you provide. We ensure that we are all moving in the right way by doing so. Which basically preserves anything important.

We follow agile development process in which we construct a portion of the project during each iteration while waiting for inputs from our clients. Only after the client has given us the green light do we go on to the next step.

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